Is it possible to set the application approval flow by importing file?

Is possible. Note that the application approval flow can be imported only by the master administrator.


How to Use

1. Click Frequently Used Menu> Export/Import> Data Input (Import)> “Request Approval Flow Data [CSV]”.



2. Download the input template.



3. Open the downloaded CSV file in Excel etc. The CSV file is the state in which the current settings are entered by default. * Depending on the internal settings, "Application type" may not be displayed.  


When you open it in Excel, if the "0" is added to the head of the department code or the administrator code, the "0" in the head disappears due to the specifications of Excel. You cannot import if "0" is left blank.
Select the target cell> Right click> Format cell> Set to "Character string", then manually enter "0" that has disappeared.
Note that if you close Excel after saving and reopen, "0" will disappear again, so enter "0" again in the same way.


4. Change "BASIC_FLOW" or the approval flow of each department. To add a second approver, add a line and enter each item. Please refer to the following for input of each item.


(1) Application type

Displayed when the application approval flow is divided by application type. Please enter the number of the application type you want to set. *In order to divide by application type, internal setting is required at the support center.


Schedule request approval flow:1

Time-record request approval flow:2

Approval flow of attendance confirmation: 3

Approval flow of employee request: 4

Overtime max limit approval flow: 5

Request approval flow setting (supplemental working record request): 7

Overtime application approval flow: 8


(2) Division code

Please enter the division code of the affiliation you want to set. You can check the division code from the management screen Home > Settings > Organization > "Division Settings".


(3) Approval level

Please enter whether you want to set as the approver. The approval level can be set from 1st to 5th, and multiple approvers can be set for each approval level.


(4) Administrator code

Please enter the administrator code of the administrator to be set as the approver. You can check the administrator code from the home screen of the management screen> Settings> Administrator> “Administrator settings”.


(5) Administrator name

Please enter the administrator name of the administrator who is set as the approver. You can check the administrator name from Home> Settings> Administrator> “Admin Settings” on the management screen. "BASIC_FLOW" corresponds to the "basic approval flow". If the approval flow is not set, the application will be skipped according to the "Basic approval flow".


Approval flow is deleted for departments that are not entered in the CSV file, and the application skips according to the basic approval flow. Please be careful.


5. Save the CSV file when you are done.


6. Return to the management screen and select the saved CSV file from "2. Select CSV file". After selecting the file, click [Upload].



7. Move to the confirmation screen. If an error is displayed when the input contents are incorrect, edit the CSV file again. If there are no errors, just click [Register].


If there are unapproved applications and the first approver is changed, the following popup will be displayed. Unapproved applications will skip to the first approver after the change, so click [Register] as it is.


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