Update notice (released on October 16, 2020)

Thank you for always using "KING OF TIME". We are pleased to announce that we have updated the system and are now able to use it more conveniently.



Confirmed attendance/When confirming attendance is now possible  to display company time and working hours!

Even if there is a discrepancy between the actual working time and the total working time, the employee may not be aware of it. In order to enable employees to know this accurately, we have made it possible to display company time and working hours when applying for time confirmation and attendance confirmation.


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We have deleted the number of days left and the number of hours left from the employee data import item!

Employee data import item has "Leave days remaining" and "Leave hours remaining". If you use these two items when importing the number of remaining vacation days, the date of grant of the remaining number of days will be the import execution date. To import with the correct grant date, you must use "Leave Grant Days" and "Leave Grant Hours". Deleted the items "Remaining days left" and "Remaining hours remaining" because they are often used by mistake.


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You can now set the application approval flow with CSV data import!

When setting the application approval flow settings, it was necessary to set each department on the screen. If there are many divisions, it will take time and effort to set it up, so it is now possible to set it with data import. The time required for setting can be shortened.


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Supplemental work records item output function has been added!

When outputting the data of the supplemental item, it was necessary to create the item in "Custom data item setting". In the case of "Custom data item settings", the maximum number of created items was 20, so there were cases where all supplemental items could not be output. Data for supplemental items can now be output individually without creating "Custom data item settings".


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Changed the output contents of monthly data output item "leave hours remaining"!

There is "Leave remaining hours" in the monthly data output item, but if this is output, the number of remaining days will also be output. If you want to check only the "remaining time", we can not meet your request, so we changed to output only the "remaining time".


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Added the re-notification function for error work notifications!

Currently, the error work notification can be notified only once if there is an error in the "day before" attendance. If it can be notified only once, the error work will not be corrected and many error work will remain during the attendance work. In order to solve this, it is now possible to notify the target period from "the previous day" to "the past 30 days" and the number of times from "1 time" to "up to 3 times".


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Server load counter measures: The search range of "working outside tenure" was limited

Error The search range of "working outside tenure" is currently not limited to the past/future days. The time records and schedules before the date of joining the company will be searched within the past three months from today.


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Server load counter measure: "9:00" and "9:30" cannot be newly selected for the notification time of the notification function

In various notification functions, the notification time is often set to "9:00" and "9:30", and if the notification time is concentrated, the load on the server will increase. Therefore, in "Unapplied overtime notification", "Alert notification", "Leave expiration notification", and "Error work notification", you can no longer select "9:00" or "9:30" as the notification time.

* "Notification of time record" is not subject to this case, as it is based on scheduled clock-in time and scheduled clock-out time.


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You can now attach an image when applying for time-record!

System previously only able to attach an image only when applying for a schedule, but now you are able to  attach an image when applying for time-record as well


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The maximum number of characters in the application message and remarks column has reached 250!

Currently, the maximum number of characters that can be entered in application messages and remarks is 100 characters. For overseas customers, 100 characters is not enough, so the upper limit has been expanded to 250 characters.


WebAPI function has been expanded!

Until now, it was only possible to obtain daily time record data on a per-unit basis. It is now possible to obtain daily time record data for each employee.


Functional modification: Behavior modification in smartphone/feature phone environment when changing password policy

After the administrator changes the password policy and opens the time card from the My Recorder/Mobile browser time record screen, the password reset screen is displayed. However, the password reset screen is not displayed only on smartphones/feature phones. This has been modified to display the password reset screen on smartphones/feature phones.

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