Remote support service

If an error occurs in the time recorder, we will check your PC remotely. Please contact us with the error screen displayed.


At the time of inquiry, please inform the person in charge of the "ID in use" confirmed in the following procedure.


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STEP1: Check the terms of use.

Please read "Remote Support Service Terms of Service" below, and if you agree, click [Agree] at the bottom of the Terms of Service.


[Remote Support Service Terms of Use]

・Article 1 Remote Support Service
The remote support service provided by Human Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") to the customer (hereinafter referred to as "this service") is "TeamViewer" which is remote connection support provided by TeamViewer GmbH. 

・Article 2 Service content
1 TeamViewer remote control is established by executing a dedicated exe file. TeamViewer can establish remote control with your consent.
2 This service is a remote support so that customers can operate and operate the application services provided by us. Therefore, we are not acting for the customer's business such as various setting agency and data entry agency.
3 This service shall be provided within our support center and from a location with an environment equivalent to this.

・Article 3 Service provision conditions
It can be provided only to customers who meet either of the following conditions.
1 A license agreement has been signed between the customer and us.
2 Your PC must have the Japanese version of Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or later installed. However, we do not guarantee the operation outside the support period of OS, service pack, etc. by Microsoft.
3 Must be provided in Japanese only to those who use it in Japan.
4 Your PC is in an environment where you can connect to the Internet via Internet Explorer.

・Article 4 Target of services
1 The service is applicable to "Time Recorder Plus" and "KING OF TIME" provided by our company.
2 Software installed on your PC that is supported by other companies is not applicable.

・Article 5 Service work reception hours
Weekdays Monday-Friday 9:30-12:00 pm 13:00-17:00 pm
*However, holidays and leaves are excluded.

・Article 6 Service usage fee
This service is provided free of charge.
However, there may be cases in which payment will be made after prior notice due to our business judgment or other reasons.

・Article 7 Security
1 TeamViewer's remote control and file transfer functions use full encryption based on RSA public/private key exchange and AES (256 bit) session encoding.
2 It is considered that the remote control has been approved when the customer gives the TeamViewer exclusive ID to our support personnel, and file transfer during remote connection is performed without the customer's consent.

・Article 8 Licensed content
1 When using this service, it is the customer's responsibility to maintain, set up and manage the PC, communication equipment, communication line and other equipment necessary for using this service.
2 When using this service, our support staff will perform the information on the customer's PC (PC environment, setting environment, etc.) and the customer's operation (operation status, behavior, etc.), and the customer will provide it. We permit the use of this information in order to ensure the smooth operation and operation of application services.

・Article 9 Disclaimer
1 We do not guarantee the freshness, accuracy, completeness, usefulness, and satisfactory quality of information provided to customers. For damages or losses incurred by customers and third parties due to the use of this service (including cases accompanying the use), we will be liable for damages, compensation for operating loss and other legal facts. We assume no responsibility whatsoever.
2 The customer shall make changes to the settings of the customer's PC at his / her own risk after backing up the data, etc., and we do not guarantee any problems caused by changing the settings of the customer's PC. I will not.
3 Customers are responsible for Internet connection costs, communication costs, etc. when using this service, and we do not bear any such costs.
4 In the unlikely event that the customer uses the service to cause damage to a third party, the customer is responsible for resolving it at his own expense and responsibility.
5 Depending on your PC usage environment, we may refuse to use this service.
6 Our operator may not be able to respond to the customer immediately depending on the connection time zone, usage status of this service, etc.
7 The provision of this service may be suspended depending on the operating status of the "TeamViewer" service provided by TeamViewer GmbH. We shall not be liable for any damages caused to you in this case.
8 When implementing this service, it may be necessary to change your network environment. If you cannot make changes, this service may not operate normally.

・Article 10 Prohibited acts
1 Acts that violate or may violate the provisions of laws and regulations
2 Acts that violate public order and morals
3 Violation of the honor and privacy of our support personnel, slander, other acts that cause or may cause disadvantages
4 Acts that interfere with the operation and maintenance of our service business
5 Inquiries and required acts unrelated to the purpose of using this service
6 Falsification of information that can be used in this service or provision of incorrect information
7 Sending or writing harmful computer programs, emails, etc.
8 Unauthorized access to our servers and other computers of our company

・Article 11 Intellectual Property Rights
1 The copyrights of the designs, texts and other copyrighted materials on our website, and the intellectual property rights such as trademarks belong to us. TeamViewer GmbH owns and manages its rights.
2 You may not copy, distribute, or publicly transmit to the third party the copyrighted work of us that is technical information obtained from us or our operator.

・Article 12 Handling of personal information
Customers and the Company shall comply with the laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information regarding information that identifies individuals among confidential information, recognize the importance of personal information handled by officers and all employees, and ensure proper handling and protection. I will do my best.

・Article 13 Service usage period
The usage period of this service is based on the "validity period" specified in the "license agreement" between the customer and us.

・Article 14 Service Suspension or Cancellation
1 We may stop this service for a certain period of time without prior notice to the customer for the following reasons. We shall not be liable for any damages caused to you by the suspension of this service.
(1) In the event of a natural disaster or other emergency such as fire, power outage, war, upheaval, riot, or mayhem
(2) In case of suspension for inspection, repair, repair, improvement etc. of our server, software etc.
(3) In case of accident due to computer, communication line, etc.
(4) In case of suspension to protect the interests of our company, our customers, and other third parties, or when our company determines that it is unavoidable
2 Our company may stop the provision of this service if the customer violates this agreement. We shall not be liable for any damages caused to you by the suspension of this service.

・Article 15 Termination of this service
The provision of this service may be terminated without prior notice due to our business judgment or other reasons. We will not be liable for damages, compensation for operating loss or any other legal or de facto liability for damages caused to customers and third parties due to the termination of this service, loss of trust profit, etc. ..

・Article 16 Changes to these Terms
Our company may change or revise this agreement at any time without obtaining the consent of the customer. Unless otherwise specified, the changed terms will take effect immediately when they are published on the web or when the customer is notified by e-mail.

・Article 17 Governing Law, Jurisdiction
These Terms of Use shall be interpreted in accordance with Japanese law. For all disputes related to this agreement, the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdiction for the first instance, depending on the amount of the complaint.


I agree

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STEP2: Run "kot_remote.exe".

Save the file (kot_remote.exe) downloaded in STEP1 to the desktop etc. and execute it by double-clicking.

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STEP3: Tell the person in charge of support your "ID in use".

When you execute the file for remote support, the window shown below is displayed. Please tell the support staff the number displayed in the "ID in use". Remote support is possible while the file is running.

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