Update Notice (February 13, 2020)

Thank you for always using "KING OF TIME". We are pleased to announce that we have updated the system and are now able to use it more conveniently.



You can now email the login information of your general administrator account!

Until now, only the login information of employees could be notified by e-mail, and the login information of the general administrator account was shared by the customer. With this release, login information for general administrator accounts can also be notified by email.

* The feature cannot send master admin credentials.




The period and number of unapplied overtime notifications have been extended!

The function of unapplied overtime notification has been available for a long time, but overtime application may be omitted because the notification is only once for the previous day. In order to prevent overtime application omissions, we have increased the number of notifications to 3 times a day up to the past 30 days before the attendance to be delivered.




You can now send an email notification when "Attendance closing", "Attendance confirmation application", and "Attendance confirmed" have not been processed!

It is now possible to notify unprocessed employees by e-mail so that "Attendance closing", "Attendance confirmation application" and "Attendance confirmed" can save the trouble of confirming unprocessed employees and can smoothly perform payroll calculation. It was. "Attendance confirmation application" and "Attendance confirmed" can be notified by e-mail to the unprocessed employees themselves, eliminating the need for contact from the administrator.




Only employees who have no error attendance / unprocessed application can now perform the closing process!

Until now, even if you have used the "close function for each employee", if the employee to be displayed has an error attendance / unprocessed application, the employee who does not have an error attendance / unprocessed application can also perform the closing process. did not. Even in such cases, after the release, only employees who have no error attendance or unprocessed applications can perform the closing process.


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