What is the reason why I cannot log in to the KING OF TIME app?

There are three main causes, so we would appreciate it if you could check it first.


Incorrect ID or password

The ID and password you entered may be incorrect.
Please check your ID and password, and be careful of uppercase / lowercase letters when entering.


App update

If you continue to be unable to log in to the device you have been using, such as after updating the app, please uninstall the app once and then install it again before using it. (Even after reinstallation, if you log in again, the previous data will be retained.)


You have not logged in for the first time with an administrator account

If the administrator account (first master administrator, master administrator, general administrator) has not logged in to the app first, you cannot log in with the employee account.

* If you cannot log in even though your ID and password are correct, please check with the person in charge within the company.

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