I'm at the time record location, but when I try to time record, it prompts that "I'm not in the geofence area". What is the cause?

It is possible that the accuracy of the location information is low.


Location information is acquired by the OS of the terminal, not the app, by referring to the carrier's base station, GPS, and Wi-Fi access points.


Please try the following and see if the accuracy improves.


Restart the app

・ The location information will be reacquired, so please try it several times.


Switch the Wi-Fi function ON / OFF

・ Even if you do not actually connect to Wi-Fi, turning on the function may improve the accuracy of location information based on the access point detected by the terminal.


・ Even if you are connected to Wi-Fi, if the communication with the access point is weak, you may not be able to acquire location information well. In that case, it may be stable if you disable Wi-Fi and use the carrier's radio wave.


Also, depending on the environment, it may not be possible to obtain with high accuracy even if you try the above, so please adjust to expand the stampable area with the administrator application.

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