Can I email the login information of the administrator account?

Only general administrator accounts can be notified by email.

* Login information for the plenipotentiary administrator account cannot be notified by email.


Advance preparation

To send an email notification, you need to register your email address with the general administrator of the notification destination.


Settings > Admin > Admin Settings > [Edit] of the destination general administrator > Enter "Email Address" and [Register].



Notification method

1. Click Settings> Admin> Admin Settings> Email Notification.



2. Select an email template.


Check "Reset password" and "Add password change link" and click [Reflect] to reflect the contents of the email in the field below. You can edit the contents of the email.



3. In "Select Email Destination" at the bottom of the screen, select the administrator of the recipient. Only general administrators with registered e-mail addresses are displayed here. After selecting, click [Send Email].


With the above, you can send an email notification.


The following email will be sent to the general administrator, so please log in to your account after setting this password from the password change URL.



The password change URL is valid within 24 hours of being sent.
Please be careful about the timing of sending.
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