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Regarding the conclusion of individual contracts and the response to various survey forms, etc.

KING OF TIME is used by many customers as a cloud time and attendance system (SaaS) provided via the Internet.


In addition, since KING OF TIME can be used by at least one person, there are some items that can be handled individually by having the customer agree to the terms of use. This article summarizes our policy on those items.


Please check here for the KING OF TIME Terms of Service .


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Regarding the handling of personal information

With your consent to Article 6 of the KING OF TIME Terms of Use, we will refrain from making, filling in, or concluding the following items individually.

* Even if the names are different, the contents are the same.

  • Survey on the handling of personal information
  • Memorandum of understanding regarding the handling of personal information
  • Outsourced personal information protection checklist

In addition, as an alternative to the inability to respond individually, we will acquire the privacy mark and ISMS (ISO27001) and continue to make efforts to protect personal information.




Various other correspondence

  • Confidentiality retention contract

With consent to Article 9 of the KING OF TIME Terms of Use, we will refrain from making individual responses to the creation of nondisclosure agreements (NDAs).


  • Memorandum of Understanding on the Elimination of Antisocial Forces

By agreeing to Article 17 of the KING OF TIME Terms of Use, we have stated and guaranteed that we are not an antisocial force. I will refrain from doing so.


* Individual support for the above personal information and other various measures will be charged. Please contact us separately.

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