Update Notice (February 15, 2021)

Thank you for always using "KING OF TIME". We are pleased to announce that we have updated the system and are now able to use it more conveniently.


The items to be calculated for extra overtime work are now aligned with the items for overtime work upper limit regulation!

The same item must be included in the calculation for "overtime work" of the premium overtime work and the overtime upper limit regulation. Therefore, from this release, it is no longer possible to arbitrarily select the calculation target in the employee type that newly sets extra overtime work, and the same as "overtime work" of the overtime upper limit regulation, weekday overtime / late-night overtime and non-legal holiday overtime / Late-night overtime is now included in the calculation. This allows you to manage overtime hours more accurately.

* If the holiday overtime calculation function is OFF, the calculation target for extra overtime is only weekday overtime and late-night overtime.

* If extra overtime is set before the release, the selected value will not be changed.



You can now check the edit date and time of the alert and the notification history!

For alert notifications, unexpected notifications may be sent due to changes in alert settings or the timing of editing / deleting work data. Since it was difficult to clarify the cause, in this release, we added a screen that allows you to check the edit date and time of the alert and the notification history. This makes it possible to check the cause and background of unexpected alert notifications.

* You can check the notification history only for monthly alerts. Notification history of daily and weekly alerts is not applicable.



Corrected the behavior when viewing the time card from a smartphone!

To improve security, the behavior has been modified so that the password change screen is displayed when the smartphone logs in to the time card for the first time, similar to the behavior on the PC.

* The first login from the stamping app is also applicable.



The edit history has been saved for the past 10 years!

Until now, work data edit history was saved indefinitely. The retention period of work data edit history has been changed to the past 10 years to reduce the server load.



You can now use My Recorder as if it were an app!

We have released a new technical specification (PWA) My Recorder. By accessing the My Recorder URL on your PC or Android smartphone, you can automatically create a shortcut for My Recorder and use it like an app. To use this, you need to resend the My Recorder URL to the employee. There are no functional changes.

* Not available in iOS environment.



Displayed the available time of the hourly vacation in a year!

When the hourly vacation was set to "use (maximum ○ days)" in the leave type setting, I could not find out unless I calculated the annual available time. You can now easily check by displaying the available time in a year on the "Leave Details" screen.



Mandatory gender selection!

The KING OF TIME service plans to functionalize administrative procedures (social insurance procedures). As part of that preparation, we have made it mandatory to enter gender from this release. If it is "Unselected", "Male" is automatically selected after the release.



You can now log in to the online help with your KING OF TIME login information!

Online help and KING OF TIME each required login, but with this release, single sign-on is now possible. After logging in to your KING OF TIME account, if you access the online help from a button such as "Help", the screen will be displayed while you are logged in. It saves you the trouble of signing in to the online help and makes it easier to use.



Changed the display of the number of remaining vacation days displayed on mobile!

Until now, the number of vacation days displayed on the current month's time card on a PC is as of today, while the number of vacation days remaining on the mobile current month's time card is displayed as of the closing date. In order to unify this display, we changed to display the number of remaining days as of today even when the time card of the current month is displayed on mobile.


Changed the item name of "Current remaining days" on the "Leave details" screen!

The number of remaining days as of the closing date is displayed in "Current remaining days" on the "Leave details" screen. Since it is difficult to tell from the item name when the number of remaining days is, the item name has been changed to "Number of remaining days as of the closing date".


WebAPI function has been expanded!

The setting contents of "employee group" set in KING OF TIME can now be acquired by WebAPI. It belongs to "Employee data" of "KING OF TIME WebAPI linkage setting".

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