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Why is the auto schedule setting not reflected?

If the schedule has already been assigned, the automatic schedule will not be reflected. You need to change it manually.



  • When there is a future schedule from the date when the employee type is changed
  • When there is a schedule in the future from the date when the automatic schedule is set


How to change the schedule

1. 1. Home screen > Frequently used menus > Schedule management > Specify display conditions and click Display.


2. Click Edit for the target employee.



3. 3. Select the changed pattern in "Pattern" of "(1) Copy source schedule".



4. Check the check box of the date you want to change in "(2) Schedule" and click the [Register] button.



5. Click the [<Back] button at the top left of the screen to return to the schedule management screen. Make sure that the pattern has changed.


Please refer to here for other detailed operations.


You can also register the schedule by importing. Click here for schedule import.

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