How can I link with "iDoors Cloud"?

Please check the following contents and set the cooperation.


Cooperation function

  • User information registered in KING OF TIME can be collectively registered in the iDoors cloud.
  • You can use the iDoors reader to stamp attendance and departure for users who are linked from KING OF TIME and the iDoors cloud.


Advance preparation

[1 Apply for an account

(Service registration required for both KING OF TIME and IDoors cloud)


[2 Enable the function of linking with KING OF TIME from the iDoors cloud side.

Complete [Link with KING OF TIME] from "System Settings"-> "API Connection Settings"


Linkage setting procedure

Enables the integration between KING OF TIME and iDoors Cloud V2.


1. Log in to the iDoors cloud. Access , enter your company ID, and click the [Sign in] button.



2. Enter your login ID and password with administrator privileges and click the login button.



3. Log in to iDoors Cloud and select [System Settings]-[API Connection Settings] from the menu.



4. Click the [Link with KING OF TIME] button.



A confirmation dialog will be displayed. Click OK.



5. The KING OF TIME account entry screen will be displayed. Enter your KING OF TIME ID and password, check "Confirm and agree", and click the [Accept] button.



6. If successful, you will be taken to the iDoors cloud management screen.


Cooperation method

Bulk import of users

Do this if you want to import KING OF TIME users into the iDoors cloud.


1. Click "KING OF TIME" in [System Settings] → [API Connection Settings].



2. Click the [Get User Information] button to reserve and execute the user information synchronization process.



If synchronization processing has already been reserved, "Synchronization reserved" will be displayed. Please wait until the process is completed.


Linkage settings with existing iDoors users

If you have already registered as a user in iDoors, you can link by setting the KING OF TIME employee code for the existing iDoors user by the following operations. This operation is not necessary if you have batch-imported users.


1. You need to enter the employee code for the target user. Open the edit screen of the target user associated with KING OF TIME.



2. Enter the employee code registered in the target user's KING OF TIME, check it, and click [Update].



This work cannot be done during the following WebAPI time limit.
Time limit: 8:30 to 10:00 / 17:30 to 18:30


Linkage item

Each item of KING OF TIME and iDoors cloud corresponds and cooperates as follows.


iDoors cloud KING OF TIME
Employee Information KING OF TIME Employee Code Employee code
username Lastname
Authentication time Commuting and leaving

User name linkage is only linked when batch import of users is executed.

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