How can I link with the business chat system "WowTalk"?

Please check the following contents and set the cooperation.


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Functional overview

By linking functions, you can check the time and attendance of "KING OF TIME" and the work status from the "WowTalk" app.


Advance preparation

Preparation on the "WowTalk" side

Apply for an account with Wow Tech Co., Ltd.

If you have any questions about WowTalk account application or settings, please contact the following.

Wow Tech Support Center
 Reception hours: Open all year round (email replies are only available on business days)
 Reception hours: 10: 00-17: 00 (excluding weekends and holidays)


Preparation on the "KING OF TIME" side

KING OF TIME API usage application

In order to use the link function of "WowTalk" and "KING OF TIME" for your account, you need to apply for "KING OF TIME API" from the inquiry form. After this application, the support center will send you an access token by email.


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Initial settings for cooperation

The initial settings for cooperation are made only on the WowTalk side.


1. Access token settings

From the management screen version 4.6.1 of "WowTalk", tabs related to external service linkage functions including "KING OF TIME" have been added. Set the linkage from this tab.


1. Click "External Service Linkage" from the tab on the left side of the management screen, and click the "Set" button for the access token.


2. Fill in the access token you obtained from the Support Center and click Apply. The access token is set.


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2. Link the "WowTalk" account and the "KING OF TIME" account 

I will explain how to link the personal account registered in "WowTalk" and the personal account registered in "KING OF TIME".

* The following time zone is the time zone when the use of WebAPI of "KING OF TIME" is prohibited and ID linkage is not possible.
8:30 ~ 10:00、17:30 ~ 18:30


1. Click [Download Template] on the "KING OF TIME" linkage screen to download the template xlsx file.



2. Enter the member ID of "WowTalk" in the ID (WowTalk) field of the template file and the employee code of " KING OF TIME" in the employee code (KING OF TIME) field .

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3. After completing the file entry, click [Select File] from the "KING OF TIME Linkage Screen" on the "WowTalk" management screen, select the file you set earlier, and click the [Upload] button.



4. The number of members to import is displayed. Click [ Yes] to import the members.



5. When the member import is completed, the number of completed imports will be displayed. If there are users who failed to import for some reason , click [Details] to get a csv file that describes the users who failed to import and the reason for the failure.


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3. Enable the "KING OF TIME" linkage function

From the tab on the left side of the management screen, select "Allow" in "KING OF TIME Linkage" in "Function Customization"> "Company Settings"> "Use Service Functions".


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4. Get the members you are currently working with

You can get a list of members who have completed the cooperation between "WowTalk" and "KING OF TIME".


Click "Export" at the bottom of the "KING OF TIME" linkage function screen on the "WowTalk" management screen to get a csv file of the member list for which linkage has been completed.

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Data linkage between systems

Once the WowTalk and KING OF TIME have been linked, you will be able to perform the following operations from the WowTalk app.

      • Attendance, breaks, stamping out
      • Check monthly work status


Stamping method

Taking attendance stamping as an example, I will explain how to stamp from the WowTalk app.


1. Tap the [Attendance] button to get the location information and stamp it.



2. When the stamping is completed, "OK" is displayed at the right end of the [Attendance] button, and the stamping time is reflected in the "Operation history".



* The break and outing stamp buttons are displayed when you tap [Other].


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Check monthly work status

You can check the monthly work status from the app by tapping [Work status].
* We have created a correspondence table with the items on the KING OF TIME side in the "Linkage items" below.


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Cooperation item

WowTalk  KING OF TIME remarks
Aggregation start date Start date of the month Depends on the closing date
Aggregation end date End date of the month Depends on the closing date
Total working days Total number of working days


Prescribed time Prescribed time weekday
Overtime hours overtime weekday
Midnight work Late night + late night reservation weekday
Midnight overtime Midnight overtime weekday
Late time behind time  
All holiday work       Scheduled + midnight + overtime + midnight overtime + overtime + midnight overtime                  
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