Update Notice (October 12, 2021)

Thank you for using "KING OF TIME". We have updated the system to make it more convenient to use.


It is now possible to count the discretionary leave hours according to the contracted working hours of the day!

Until now, when using the leave acquisition method "use of leave type", the specification is that the discretionary leave time is recorded with reference to the scheduled time of clock-in and clock-out of the schedule pattern. For this reason, flextime work, in which only core time is set, may result in less discretionary working hours.


In this release, by adding an item to set optional discretionary working hours, it is now possible to record the discretionary leave hours according to the contracted working hours of the day.

* This function can only be used by customers who use the leave type method "use of leave type".

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You can now select "Include previous month" in the weekly tabulation range when using annual variable labor!

Until now, when using annual variable labor, it was not possible to change from "from the beginning of the month to the end of the month" in the weekly aggregation range.


However, we received many requests to use "Include last month", so we can now select "Include last month" in order to respond to customer feedback.

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Errors are now displayed for paid holiday grant settings that violate the Labor Standards Act!

If the paid leave grant setting that violates the Labor Standards Act is made in the employee type setting> "paid leave grant related setting", an error will be displayed and registration will no longer be possible. By preventing incorrect settings, it is now possible to set correct paid leave grants.

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Only the employees who are enrolled can now check the "closing status"!

Until now, on the "closing status" screen, the closing status is displayed including the employees before the hire date, so every time a new employee is registered, the check mark of the past day (display of "closing") is removed.


With this release, it is now possible to display only the employees who are currently enrolled, excluding the employees before the hire date, and it is now possible to correctly check the progress of the closing process.

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E-mail notification regarding "Obligation to take paid holidays 5 days a year" is now available!

Until now, alerts for those who have not acquired "Obligation to take paid holidays 5 days a year" were displayed only in "Processing that requires action" on the management screen, but with this release, employees can be notified by email. became. In addition, since it is possible to notify any administrator by e-mail, it is now possible to check without logging in to the management screen.

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Schedules with only half-holiday or hourly holidays are now detected as error work!

Until now, even if the option> error work setting "No stamp / with schedule" was set to display the work as an error, the schedule with only half holidays or hourly holidays was not treated as an error.


In response to customer requests, in this release, even if a half-holiday or hourly holiday schedule is assigned without stamping, it will be detected as an error work.


A notification column has been added to the top of the management screen of the master administrator!

We have added a notification column that displays operational advice and information that we would like you to check.

* General admins and employees are not eligible for display.


Removed billing related settings

The invoice issuance method has changed from July 1, 2021, but in this release, the setting items related to the invoice issuance method have been deleted. The deleted setting items are as follows.

  • "KING OF TIME" management screen > Export / import > Invoice output
  • "KING OF TIME" management screen > Settings > Others > Billing information settings

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* Customers who have a direct contract with us are eligible.


Fixed Web API function

It is now possible to acquire the time zone item created by the custom data item setting of KING OF TIME with WebAPI. It belongs to "Monthly attendance data" of "KING OF TIME WebAPI linkage setting".

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