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Is it possible to notify by e-mail if the number of days for which "Obligation to acquire 5 days or more of paid holidays" is not met?

Is possible.


By setting the following, you can notify employees and managers by e-mail if there are employees who do not meet the acquisition days of "Obligation to acquire 5 days or more of paid holidays" .


Please refer to here for details on the work style reform "Obligation to take 5 days or more of paid holidays" .


Terms of use

To use this function, it is necessary to set " Settings  > Others  > Options >" Schedule settings "category>" Paid leave grant function "to" Use ".


Setting method

1. Settings > Others > Notification settings > Click the "Notification of obligation to take paid holidays 5 days a year" tab> Set the following items.

  • Notification timing setting : Check this to set the notification time.
    * "09:00" and "09:30" cannot be selected to reduce the server load.
    * Only available in Japan time. Please note that time zones other than Japanese time are not supported.
  • Notification 1-3 : Set the notification timing. You can notify up to 3 times.



2. Set the notification target. Click [Select Target]. 



3. Click [New Registration]> Set the following items and click [Register].

  • Target division : Select the division of the target to be notified. You can select multiple division.
  • Employee type : Select the employee type to be notified. You can select multiple employee type.
  • Email notification to employees: Select whether to notify employees.
  • Email notification to administrator: Select the administrator to notify. You can select multiple administrators.



"Priority" of the closing process notification target setting

If you set multiple notification targets, you can set the priority. By setting the priority, it becomes possible to realize "notify different managers for each department" and "not notify only some employees".

1. Select [∧] [v] to change the priority.
2. Click the Save Priority button to save your changes.

* The priority will be checked in order from the top and the one that matches the employee's division and employee type will be applied. Therefore, in the order of priority, it is necessary to move the "Notification target setting" (eg, narrowing down division, narrowing down employee type, etc.) that is set in detail to the top.


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