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Is there a preventive function for long working hours?

Yes. in this article, we will introduce how to use "Alert Settings" and "Notification Settings".


table of contents

Function introduction

Reasons for taking preventive measures for long working hours

-Examples of using the alert / notification function

-Review about the upper limit of overtime work

How to set alert settings and notification settings

-Overtime alert screen -
Overtime notification email screen


Function introduction

Introducing the functions that can prevent long working hours.


Alert settings

It is a function that can extract and confirm attendance that exceeds or is insufficient to a certain value .


Notification settings

It is a function that can notify you by e-mail when you work more than a certain number of hours or days .


Setting upper limit for overtime work

It is a function that allows you to set any "warning" and "upper limit of 36 agreement notifications" and check the list of employees who have reached the warning standard value or the upper limit standard value .

* Please check here for details: Settings and importance


Inter-working interval shortage count function

It is a function to set a "rest time" for a certain period of time or more after work is completed.

* Please check here for details: Settings and importance


I will explain the importance of alert settings and notification settings.


Reasons to prevent long working hours

Managers need to know working hours, including overtime (overtime).


By setting alerts and notifications in KING OF TIME, you can check the attendance status in a near real-time manner, reduce overtime work, and manage the status of teleworkers who have difficulty meeting each other on a daily basis. It is a function that benefits both managers and employees and can identify various problems.


  • Manager side : Understanding overtime work, checking the work load of each employee, improving work, managing employee health, etc.
  • Employee side : Understanding overtime work, work improvement, health management, etc.


Examples of using the alert / notification function

This is an example of a company that has set the above functions.


When I received regular supervision from the Labor Standards Inspection Office, I explained that "I am using the KING OF TIME alert mail to be aware of it in a timely manner, not after closing the time card." The KING OF TIME alert notification email was highly evaluated for working hours management and overtime measures . It is exactly a function that has been endorsed by the government.


Review the upper limit of overtime work

As part of the work style reform that came into effect in April 2019, the Labor Standards Law was amended and the upper limit of overtime work was stipulated in the law.




Due to this revision of the law, the upper limit of overtime work will be 45 hours a month and 360 hours a year in principle, and it will not be possible to exceed this unless there are special special circumstances (*) .


* For special provisions, please refer to "Easy-to-understand explanation of the upper limit of overtime work" (external link).
Large companies will be required to introduce it from April 2019, and small and medium-sized companies will be required to introduce it from April 2020.




How to set alerts / notifications

  • Click here for overtime alert settings
    Example) Overtime 20 overtime, overtime 30 overtime, overtime 40 overtime and additional creation
  • Click here for overtime notification email settings


Overtime alert screen

If there are employees who work overtime for 20 hours, 30 hours, or 40 hours a month, the following alert will be displayed on the administrator screen.



Overtime notification email screen

If there is an employee who has exceeded 20 hours due to the alert setting, the following notification email will be sent the next day .


Email to the administrator



Email to employees



This function is also mentioned in the company labor and social security attorney e-mail newsletter, which is distributed weekly on KING OF TIME. Please refer to here .

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