Where can I check the inquiry history?

You can check it from "My Activity" in the online help.

* Only available to master administrators. Click here for details.


Confirmation procedure

1. Log in to the online help from the "Help" on the upper right of the KING OF TIME management screen.



2. On the online help screen, click the account icon> "My Activity" in the upper right corner.



3. A list of inquiries made by you will be displayed.



Please refer to the table below for details on "Status" on the right side of the screen.

status explanation
unsolved We are waiting for a reply from the support center.
Waiting for your reply We have already answered from the support center and are waiting for your confirmation. If there is no reply from the customer, it will be "waiting for your reply" and will be automatically changed to "solved" after 7 business days.
Solved It has been answered by the support center and confirmed by the customer.


4. Click the subject of the inquiry to check the content.


After reviewing the support center's answers, click Mark Solved if you have no additional questions. If you would like to ask an additional question, please enter the question in the "Add to Conversation" field and send it.2021-12-20_11h45_15.png

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