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Is it possible to do two-factor authentication when logging in?

Only administrators can access this.

※Please note that it cannot be used in conjunction with the "admin employee link function".


How to set up

To use it, please set the following two points.



Settings > Other > Options > Company Info category > Set "Two-factor authentication feature" > Click "Apply".



Administrator Settings

Settings > Admin > Admin Settings > Edit for the administrator you want to do two-factor authentication > Set "Two-factor authentication feature" > "Apply".



After setting the "two-factor authentication feature" to "Apply", you will not be able to log in to the management screen unless you register the two-factor authentication app.


How to use

1. Install the two-factor authentication app.


If you are using a smartphone

iOS: Install "Google Authenticator" on the App Store

Android: Install "Google Authenticator" on the Play Store


If you are using a PC

Install "WinAuth"


What is described in this article is an example of a two-factor authentication application.
Please note that the support center cannot inform you about the installation and operation of the app.


2. Go to the KING OF TIME login screen, enter your login ID and password as usual, and click Login.



3. Launch the two-factor authentication app, read the QR code or enter the 16-digit secret key and click Next.


If you don't log in to the management screen and delete "Secret Information", you can't redisplay the QR code and secret key.
After setting the "two-factor authentication function" to "Use", you will not be able to log in to the management screen unless you register the two-factor authentication app. Be sure to read the QR code or enter the secret key in the two-factor authentication app, and then click [Next].


4. You can log in by entering the verification code displayed in the two-factor authentication app and clicking "Confirm".




  • If you change "two-factor authentication function" to "Do not apply" in "Options" or "Admin Settings", the registered secret information will be deleted.
  • If you want to re-register the secret information with the two-factor authentication application, please delete the secret information from the administrator settings > [Edit] > [Secret Information Reset] and redo the registration process.


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