How do I get an alert for late night work for under 18s?

By using "time zone alert", you can display alerts for work within (or outside) the set time zone. Alert for schedule registration or clocking performance. You can specify the age and gender of the employees to be alerted.


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Setting method

1. Click Settings > Screen Display > Alert Settings > [Time zone alert registration].


2. Set the following items.


item name explanation
Alert name Enter a name for your alert.
Target category Select "Estimated" or "Actual".
  • Schedule: Displays alerts for schedules (scheduled to work, scheduled to leave work, etc.).
  • Results: Alerts are displayed for clocking data (clock-in, clock-out, etc.).

If you select "Schedule", the "Error judgment" item will be displayed. Select one of the following for the "Error judgment" item.
  • Judge as an error (default): Schedules corresponding to alerts cannot be registered.
  • Set as warning: You can check on the error work screen whether or not the schedule corresponding to the alert is registered.
Alert target attendance * Not displayed if "Scheduled" is selected for the target category.
Select the clocking type for the alert target.
Alert Enter the time period for the alert criteria. Select "In range" or "Out of range" for the time zone.
display color * Not displayed if "Scheduled" is selected for the target category.
Select the alert color to be displayed on the timecard when the target category is "Actual".
age Enter the age of the employee for which you want the alert. When using this item, it is necessary to set "Date of Birth" in "Employee Settings".
sex Set the last name of the employee to be alerted. If not specified, no setting is required. When using this item, it is necessary to set "Gender" in "Employee Settings".


3. Set the target division and employee type, and click [Register].


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Alert display (if scheduled)

We will explain how to display time zone alerts when the target type is set to "Scheduled".


When error determination is set to "Error determination (default)"

The following alert is displayed when registering a schedule (including import) that corresponds to the alert, and the corresponding schedule cannot be registered.



When the error judgment is "Warning"

You can check alerts in Error Work > [Alert] Tab > Target Category "Scheduled".



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Alert display (for results)

If the target classification is set to "Actual", you can check alerts on the time card screen and the error work screen.


Time card screen

An alert will be displayed for the embossing column corresponding to the alert.



Error work screen

Select the [Alerts] tab, select "Achievements" in the target category, and display the list of recordings that correspond to the alert.



Judgment method when alerts are set for a pair of clock-in and clock-out

If you select a pair of clocks (attendance clock and clock-out clock, break start clock and break end clock, etc.) in "Alert Target Attendance", when the clock range overlaps with the specified time range will be alerted to.



Example 1: When the time between clocking in and clocking out falls within the alert time zone

  • Clock-in 21:00
  • Clock-out work clock 6:00 the next day

→ An alert will be displayed in both the attendance column and the attendance column.



Example 2: When one clock time is within the alert time zone

Clock-in 21:00

Clock-out work 2:00 the next day

→ The alert will be displayed only for clock-out that are clocked during the alert time period.



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Notification settings

See here for alert notification settings .


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Supplement: Base date for age calculation

If you have set the "age" of the alert target employee, refer to the age as of today .


Example) Employees who will be 18 years old on February 1, 2022

View timecard on January 31, 2022 : with alert display

View timecard on February 1, 2022: No alert display including past attendance


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