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How can I link with the API linkage platform "BizteX Connect"?

This article explains the function outline of the API linkage platform "BizteX Connect" and the preparations for using it. For details on the settings for cooperation, please check the link in " How to link it " at the bottom of the article .


Functional overview

You can link KING OF TIME with each service that BizteX Connect is already linked with.


Cooperation example

  • Clock-in KING OF TIME using slack
  • Paid leave and attendance correction requests applied by members
  • Notification of application information to chat tool                    

* Various collaborations other than the above are possible. Click here for details


Advance preparation

Both KING OF TIME and BizteX Connect accounts are required.


Preparation on the BizteX Connect side

1. Apply for an account

Please use the inquiry form to request the issuance of an account in advance .

* If you wish to continue using the service, a separate fee will be charged.


2. Contact for inquiries regarding cooperation with BizteX Connect

Inquiry form
・ Email:
* For inquiries regarding settings, you can also use the chat widget displayed at the bottom of BizteX Connect.


Linking method

Click here for details on various settings

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