Can I register the number of days I should work in a month?

It is possible to register any standard number of days for each workday type of weekdays, legal holidays, and non-legal holidays.

You can check it on the monthly or yearly data screen or time card screen.


Basic settings are made in two places: employee type setting and custom data item setting.


* Internal settings at the support center are required for use. Please contact the support center to let us know that you would like to use the "base days management function".


How to set the standard number of days

1. 1. Home screen settings > Employees > Employee type settings > Click the [Edit] button for the relevant employee type.


2. Click [Details] in the "Basic Information" category> In the "Base Days by Month" item, set the base days for each work day type. The base days set here apply to all months.



3. 3.On the screen below that appears when you click the [Set base days by year / month] button, you can enter different days for each month throughout the year.



4. After completing the input, click the [Registration] button, and then click the [Registration] button on the original screen.


* If both the monthly base days and the monthly base days setting screen are registered, the number of days on the monthly base days setting screen will be prioritized.


It can also be set for each employee.

1. 1. Home screen settings > Employees > Employee settings > Click the [Edit] button for the relevant employee.


2. Click "Employee Information" category> [Details] to add the "Base Days by Month" item as in the employee type setting.

* The setting method is the same as the employee type setting, but this setting has priority.




Custom data item settings

1. 1. Click Home screen settings> Screen display> Custom data item settings.


2. Click the monthly tab and click the [New] button.



3. 3. The new registration screen is displayed.


Enter any characters for the custom display code and custom display name. Select "Day" as the calculation unit.



4. Three items, "Weekday base days," "Legal holiday base days," and "Non-legal holiday base days," will be added to the "Select items to add" field in the figure below.


In the example, the "+" column of the weekday base days is checked. Click the [Register] button to complete the registration.



5. In the same way, create "Legal holiday base days" and "Legal holiday base days".


How to read the monthly data screen

1. 1. Check the created custom data item on the monthly data screen. Click Frequently Used Menus on the Home Screen> "Monthly Data".


2. Click the Normal (Custom) tab to display the items created earlier in the custom data item settings. The number reflects the number of days entered in the employee type setting.


* Custom data items are not displayed on the normal tab.


How to read the time card screen

1. 1. By customizing the time card screen of the relevant employee, you can check it in the same way as the monthly data screen.



* On the employee screen, you cannot switch between the normal display and custom display of the time card screen.

If you also want it to appear on the employee screen, you need to change the timecard default to a custom view. If you would like to make changes, please contact our support center.


How to read the yearly data screen

1. 1. Frequently used menus on the home screen > Click “Yearly data” > Select target division and target period > Click [Select] in [Select item].



2. Click the "Custom" tab> The items created in the custom data item settings will be displayed. Check the required items and click the [Select] button.



3. 3. Click the [View] button on the original screen to display the selected items as shown below. Here, the base days and total values for the three months from April to June 2021 are displayed.


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