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Is it possible to check the schedule pattern setting change history?

This is possible by using the "Schedule pattern history management function". You can check the setting change history after adding the function.


* Internal settings are required to use the schedule pattern history management function. Please contact the support center to let us know that you would like to use it.


Change history confirmation method

1. 1. A [Change History] button is added to the changed pattern field.



2. Click the [Change History] button to display the pattern editing history screen. You can check the person who updated it and the date and time it was updated. Click the [Browse] button to check the contents of the pattern at the time of the change.



About items to be added

"Applicable range of pattern data update" is added to the "Extension" category at the bottom of the pattern registration screen.


・ "Update only future schedule"
The changes are not reflected in the corresponding pattern assigned to the past day.
・ "Update all schedules"
The changes will be reflected in the corresponding patterns assigned to the past days.
(07:47:39 AM) Nishimura: That's all.
Regardless of which one you select, the content of the corresponding pattern assigned to the future day will be reflected immediately.


Time card screen display

Changed the retention period of edit history to the past 10 years (released June 15, 2021)

For example, if you change the schedule pattern settings as of 5/11, the following will be displayed on the time card screen.


If the changed schedule pattern has been used in the past, (Update: Update date) is displayed after the pattern name. If it is used for a future date, only the pattern name will be displayed as it is.

______ 7 _._________png.png


In the past days, the contents after changing the pattern settings will not be reflected even if the attendance data is recalculated.
If you want to change it, please re-register the pattern from the "Edit work data" screen. (When the pattern is re-registered, the specified time of the corresponding day will be recalculated.)


・ When "Update all schedules" is selected

The change settings will be reflected on all days when the pattern is used. On the time card screen, the pattern name does not change, unlike when "Update only future schedule" is selected.


Please note that if you recalculate the attendance data due to changes in the employee type settings, etc., the calculation of the fixed hours of the work record of the past day when the attendance is not closed will also be affected.
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