Why is the attendance data error of the current day not displayed as an error?

This is because the range of error work judgment is set to "up to the previous day".


Scope of attendance data error judgment

The range of attendance data error judgment can be set from two types, "until the day before" and "until today". This is an internal setting, so please contact the support center if you would like to change it.


"Until the day before"

An attendance data error judgment is made for the attendance up to the previous day.


Example) When viewing the time card on 6/1



If the judgment range of error work is "until the previous day", the same day work will not be judged as an error.
For example, even if there is an omission of attendance and departure on the day of the closing date, you can still perform "Attendance closing" and "Attendance confirmation". Please be careful.


"Until today"

Attendance data error judgment is also made for attendance up to today. For example, if you want to confirm attendance data error within the day after all employees have left the office, "until today" is recommended.


Example) When viewing the time card on 6/1


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