Monthly transformation work can now be automatically set according to the recommended content (released on April 6).

When using monthly modified work, the recommended modified work setting, "late night work", "daily overtime total", "weekly overtime total", "overtime / overtime calculation of discretionary vacation hours" It is now possible to automatically set the recommended settings for each item of "Account".


Conditions of use

  • "Late night non-scheduled" is aggregated, and the holiday aggregation items are divided into "legal holidays" and "non-statutory holidays".
  • "Overtime" and "overtime" of legal holidays and non-statutory holidays are totaled
  • The vacation acquisition method is "Use leave type"


Recommended setting for monthly modified work

Employee type setting > Working style > "Working hours: variable working hours system" has been added to "Monthly variable working hours", and if you select this, the recommended monthly modified working hours will be set automatically.


* The recommended settings cannot be changed. If you want to make any settings, select "Other than the above (Flex and others)".


After selecting "Monthly variable work", click [Transformed labor settings] to check the recommended settings.



*Please refer here for details of each item.


Recommended settings for other setting items

When using the recommended settings for monthly variable work, each item of "late night work", "overtime calculation for days", "overtime aggregation for weeks", and "inclusion of overtime / overtime calculation" is also recommended. Is done automatically.


Night work



Calculate day's overtime work



Weekly Overtime Total


* The recommend variable working hours setting is enabled. You cannot edit this item.


Included overtime / overtime calculation for discretionary vacation time


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