What are the causes when clock-in cannot be read?

There are various reasons why you cannot clock-in. First, identify the cause and take corrective action accordingly.


Here are some common cases of Windows desktop time records.


Possible cases for all certification readers

No authentication information registered  

You need to register the authentication information from the time recorder 


Credentials are not synced to the time recorder

If you register the authentication information with a time recorder installed on another PC, the settings may not be reflected on the PC that actually records your clock-in/out. Please update the data from [Settings].


I am clocking-in with a time recorder of another division

In the initial state, you can only clock-in with your own time recorder. If you want to use a time clock other than your own, please register for "Help Register".


Clock-in before joining the company

This is often the case when test-record new employees. The time  records prior to joining the company are controlled. Please check the date of joining the company from the employee settings.


Clock-in after resigned date

Time records after the date of retirement is controlled. Please check "Resignation date" from the employee settings.


The time recorder did not start properly

If an error message is displayed when starting the time recorder, the time cannot be recorded correctly. In this case, you need to set up the time recorder correctly.


Biometric case (finger hybrid/finger vein/fingerprint)

Fingers are rough (dry or wet)

It is necessary to moisturize and wipe with hand cream.


My hands are extremely cold

In the case of finger vein authentication, the finger shrinks due to the coldness of the finger, and the authentication rate decreases because it is different from the state at the time of registration. Please try to warm up or stretching your fingers.


Wounded finger

If the registered finger is injured/wounded, it will be recognized as a mismatch with the registered image and an authentication error will occur. If this is the case, be sure to set with temporary password to time record or clock in application. Even if you stick a bandage, you will not be properly authenticated.


IC authentication case

Using another IC card

If there are multiple IC cards in the card case, the reader may not be able to read them properly . Separate from other IC devices and perform authentication.


IC chip is damaged

If the chip inside is damaged, replace it with a new IC and register again.

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