If I cannot authenticate by all means, can I enter it by entering the password?

If you cannot perform biometric authentication or IC authentication, you can use password time recorder.

Password engraving can only be performed by employees authorized by the administrator.


To allow password engraving

1. Log in to the management screen as a master administrator or a general administrator who has the authority in "Employee settings". 


2. Setting "Employee"> Employee Settings > [Edit] of Target> Basic Information " Password:Allow password embossing with time recorder (PC connection) Select "Yes"> and click [Register].



3. After that, click “Update” in the [Settings] menu of the time recorder to reflect the changes in the application.


Password embossing procedure

1. On the home screen of the time recorder, click the time record type button.



2. When the authentication screen is displayed, click the [Password Authentication] button. This button only appears if there are employees who are authorized to time record using the password.



3. Select the target person in the "Employee" field, enter the password, and click the [Authenticate] button. When the time record is complete, the screen returns to the finger authentication or IC authentication standby screen.

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