How do I uninstall the time recorder?

Delete "Time Recorder Application" and "Authentication Software" from "Uninstall a program" or "Programs and Features" in Control Panel . You may need to restart after uninstalling.


Time recorder application

Uninstall the software named TIME RECORDER[KING OF TIME].


Authentication software

The software varies depending on the certification reader.


Finger hybrid reader

  • HF-PID-BSP-Runtime *32bit PC
  • HF-PID-BSP-Runtime WOW64 *64bit PC
  • Windows driver package-NEC Corporation (HS1_drv) Biometric


Finger vein reader

  • Hitachi finger vein authentication system 


Fingerprint reader

  • DigitalPersona Data Format Conversion RTE
  • DigitalPersona One Touch for WindowsRTE


IC reader

  • NFC Port Software


Password authentication

There is no certification software in particular.

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