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What is a connection string? (Windows desktop version)

The following time clock determines the target company, division, authentication device, and connection destination server by registering the connection character string .

  • Windowsデスクトップ版タイムレコーダー
  • iPad版タイムレコーダー


Check the connection string

You can check the connection string from the management screen.


Settings  > Organization  > Time clock settings  > [Send time clock URL] of the target affiliation


* This operation can be performed by an administrator who is "Master administrator" or  "△ View only" or higher authority for the basic setting "Division / Time recorder setting".


Different strings are issued depending on the type of authentication device. First, click [Edit] in the basic time recorder settings or the time recorder settings for each division, and check whether the operation setting " Authentication device " item is the device you want to use.


After that, click "Send Time Recorder URL" from Other [Ξ]. Since the character string is different for each division, select the button of the division you set. The connection character string is described in the content column of the next screen, so copy it and use it.


Input connection string

Immediately after installing the time clock application, the screen shown below is displayed. Enter the connection string in the upper frame here.

You can also reset the connection string after installation. To reset, select "Change Location to Connect" in the [Settings] menu at the top right of the time clock application.


You may need to reconfigure the connection string if:

  • When you want to display a time clock of a different division from your current division
  • When you want to change the type of authentication device (fingerprint to finger hybrid, IC to finger vein, etc.) 

If you do not enter the certificate (lower frame), you cannot save it.

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