What is the service life of various certification for time recorders?

The service life of each certified reader is as follows. However, this is not always the case, as the service life greatly depends on the operating environment.


Finger Hybrid Reader/Finger Vein Authentication Reader

According to the manufacturer's nominal value, the design life is about 5 years in a general use environment (8 hours a day, 25 days a month) . If the operating time is longer than the above, the life will be shortened.


Fingerprint reader

The manufacturer's nominal value is designed to withstand 500,000 certifications.


It depends greatly on the usage environment and is a guideline only, but it can be used for an average of 2-3 years, or up to about 5 years.


* Please avoid placing the reader on the wall as it will burden the code.


* If dust or dirt on the certified surface is left unattended, it will deteriorate, so wipe it off with a soft cloth on a regular basis.


IC card reader (SONY PaSoRi)

There is no manufacturer's nominal value.

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