-Can I give a negative value such as -10 days to a leave?

You can enter a negative value on the system, but we do not recommend giving a negative value to leaves and paid leaves.


Reason for deprecation

There is also a valid period for vacations granted with negative values. Therefore, depending on the time, there may be cases where an unexpected leaves remaining number is displayed.


At what timing will it occur? Explain using an explanatory diagram as an example of how the number of days left on paid leave for employees who joined the company on April 1, 2017 is calculated as of October 1, 2020 . I will.



  • Paid leaves based on hire date
  • The expiration date of paid leave is 2 years
  • Did not take paid leave for even one day





Situation explanation

① 10 days off was given in the first year of joining the company

(2) 11 days off was granted in the second year after joining the company

③ 12 days of paid leave were granted in the 3rd year after joining the company

④ 14 days of paid leave were granted in the 4th year after joining the company.

 ⑤ Negative value was given to invalidate 10 days off during the first year of joining the company.


If you give a negative value of ⑤ , it seems that the number of remaining days of ① is temporarily 0 days (* 23 days remaining as of October 1, 2019).


However, the negative value will be valid for 2 years, so there will be a difference between the remaining number expected at the timing when ④ is given and the remaining number on the system.


On the system, ③ and ④  The combined number of days 12 days + 14 days + (- 10 days) = 16 days will be displayed as the remaining number of days. (*Number of remaining days as of October 1, 2020)


After the expiration date of the negative value grant, it will match the expected remaining number. For these reasons, we do not recommend giving a negative value.

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