Is it possible to register authentication information on a pit touch terminal?

It is not possible to register the authentication information on the pit touch terminal.Use one of the following methods to register the authentication information.

*Registration of authentication information refers to the work of associating the registered employee with authentication information (IC card information, etc.).

  • Install a time recorder on your PC, connect an IC card reader (PaSoRi), and link from the "Authentication registration" menu.

  • Register the IC card UID in the employee data by CSV import on the management screen.


Register from the time recorder

Set up the IC authentication time clock, and register from Settings> Authentication registration. Click here for the procedure to set the time recorder.  


Register with CSV import 

Follow the steps below to create a layout and import it.


1. Log in to the administration screen.


2. TOP screen Frequently used menu “ Export/Import ”> > Open "Create Import Layout" next to the data entry (import) category [Employee data [CSV]].


3. Click [+New] and set " Layout name ", " Applied type/ category ", and " Entry items ".


In the "Items selected" of "Entry items" , move the required items such as "Employee code" and "ICcardUID" to "Items selected" and save them by clicking the [Register] button.


4. Return to “ Export/Import ” and click [Employee data [CSV]]> Select the layout name created in 3. in “Select layout”> [Download template for import] .


5. Fill in the template and save.


6. Select the CSV file created in the "Select CSV file" item on the screen of 4. and click [Upload].

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