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How do you get the location information of My Recorder?

My recorder uses HTML5 Geolocation API technology to acquire location information.


Geolocation API overview

It is a standard for location information acquisition by W3C, a standardization organization for the web, and can be used with most modern browsers.


Users can use a common location acquisition method in browsers that can use the Geolocation API instead of the carrier-specific standard .


Geolocation API location information acquisition method

Geolocation API basically acquires location information by one of the following methods.


1. GPS

Calculates location information using GPS satellites. Accuracy will be reduced in places with many shields.


2. IP address

Generally, the location information registered in the IP address managed by the Internet service provider (ISP) is used.


In some cases , it is not the location information of the device itself, but the location information of the device that is sending data to the device, such as the ISP itself, proxy server, firewall, etc., and it may be far from the actual situation.


3. GSM/CDMA mobile ID information

Uses the location information of the base station used for calling/communication. An error of several km may occur depending on the radio wave condition.


4. MAC address when using Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) or Bluetooth

Uses the location information estimated from the access point. Location information is estimated based on a database that associates the location with information such as the MAC address and radio field strength of wireless devices.


*At that time, the browser will determine the most suitable method and acquire the location information. The user cannot select or confirm which method to acquire location information.


About position information error

With the Geolocation API, the browser determines which of the above location information acquisition methods is most suitable at that time, but the user cannot confirm which location information was used .


Please note that there may be an error in the location information in some cases .


My recorder location information acquisition error

In the following cases, a location information acquisition error will occur.


-The browser does not support Geolocation API.

→Please use the recommended browser.


・The use of location information is not permitted.

→Check the functions and settings of the terminal.


・Position information could not be acquired due to timeout (30 seconds).

→ Check the network environment.

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