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[Smartphone app] Installation and initial settings

We will explain how to install and initialize the smartphone app (GPS attendance management for KING OF TIME).


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Features of smartphone apps

It is a personal time recorder app that can be used on iPhone and Android smartphones. It has the following features.


  • Get location information and stamp.
  • Geo-fencing function () Can be used to accept only stamps at the location specified by the administrator app.
  • You can also require smartphone user authentication (fingerprint authentication, face authentication, etc.) at the time of stamping.
  • You can receive notifications such as forgetting to stamp or unapplied overtime (see here for details ).


* A technology that allows you to set a virtual range on a map and perform a predetermined operation with the app when a device such as a smartphone is within that range.


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1. Install the app

The smartphone app uses an administrator app and an employee app as a set.


Search for "KING OF TIME" in the App Store or Google Play Store and install the app with the following name.

* Cannot be used with the employee app alone. Be sure to set the administrator app first.

App name subject explanation
GPS idle management for KING OF TIME [for administrators] manager Set the stamping location and the radius that can be stamped.
GPS attendance management for KING OF TIME [for employees] employee
  • You can stamp clock in, clock out, start break, and end break.
  • Record the time stamp and location information.
  • You can check the attendance status and make various applications.
  • You can receive notifications.


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2. Set up the administrator app

Set in advance with the administrator app.

* Be sure to set the administrator app before setting the employee app.


Initial setting

1. Start the administrator app and log in with the admin master administrator ID and password (first time only).



2. Tap Add Stamp Location.



3. When the location information acquisition permission dialog is displayed, select [Allow while using the app] or [Allow only once].



4. The world map is displayed. After a while, the location information of the terminal will be acquired and the current location will be displayed.



5. Enter the stamping location name.

* The stamping location refers to the area on the map where employees can stamp (not "division").

* This is a required item.


6. Search for an address or scroll the map and tap the target point to select the stamping location.


For address search



7. Check that the stamping location is correct, and tap [Save Stamping Location].



8. A list of saved stamp locations will be displayed on the top screen. If you want to register multiple stamping locations, please continue to register.



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When not setting the stamping location

If you want the employee app to be stamped regardless of the stamping location, tap the icon in the upper right and turn off "Use geo-fencing".



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Invalidation of stamping location

It can be disabled or enabled for each registered stamping location. If disabled, it will not be displayed at the stamping location of the employee app.


When you tap the stamping location, a switch button will be displayed, so you can switch it on and off.



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List of setting items

Tap the round icon at the top right of the screen to display the setting menu.

title explanation
Use device user authentication When turned on, smartphone user authentication is required at the time of stamping (fingerprint authentication, face authentication, etc.).
Use geo-fencing When turned on, it can only be stamped at the set stamping location. When turned off, you can stamp anywhere.
Geofencing radius (metric range) Set the range that can be stamped.
help Moves to online help.
Sign out Sign out of the app.



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3. Set up an employee app

Employees should set the following after installing the app.


1. When you start the employee app, you will be asked for login information, so log in with your own ID and password (first time only).



2. Follow the steps below to stamp each.


If you don't use geo-fencing or device user authentication

Select the stamp type and tap the button on the right.



When using geo-fencing

Select the stamping location, then select the stamping type, and tap the button on the right.



Not in the stampable area
If you use geo-fencing and stamp at a distance from the stamping location, the following error will be displayed and the stamp will not be recorded. Please re-engrave at the designated engraving location.


When using device user authentication

Select the stamp type, tap the button on the right, and then authenticate the user.



My menu

From the icon "My Menu" at the bottom of the screen, you can check the attendance status and make various applications ( Click here for details on how to apply ).




Tap the round icon at the top right of the screen, then tap "Help" to check the Q & A about the smartphone app, so please use it.



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