How can I install the iPad version time recorder (face authentication, chameleon code authentication)?

Check in advance

About license

To use the iPad version time recorder (face authentication, chameleon code authentication), you need licenses for the number of installed units. First, make sure that you have the required number of licenses.


You can check the license status from the management screen.


Settings > Organization > Time recorder settings > Basic time recorder settings [Edit]> License management " Face authentication " or " Chameleon code authentication ": [License management]


For customers who are considering using the iPad version time recorder

You can try it for free for 30 days. If you wish, you need to apply for a trial license from the cart. Please prepare your own iPad.

* If you have a contract with an agency, please contact the person in charge of the agency.


About Apple ID

Apple ID required for installation. Please refer to the following for how to create an account.

 If you have any questions about how to use your Apple ID and iPad, please contact Apple Support.


Preparation for installation

1. Login to the management screen and set > Organization > Time recorder settings> Click [Settings] in the basic time recorder settings or time recorder settings by department.

2. Operation settings " Authentication device Click "Register" as "Face recognition" and "Chameleon code verification".

3. The time recorder setting screen will reappear. Click [Send time recorder URL] of the target division.

4. A link to the manual is included. Please refer to this to proceed with the installation.



Chameleon Code Recorder is an iPad application. Please note that it cannot be installed on Windows PCs, tablets other than Macs (Macintosh), iPads, and iPhones .

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