Is it possible to be detected as another person when clock-in?

This can happen if you are using biometrics such as fingerprints, finger veins, or finger hybrid authentication.


*In the case of Finger Hybrid Reader (Windows desktop version), it can be prevented by setting two-factor authentication of "Login ID (or employee code)" + "Finger information". Please see here for details.


Others allow 

It is a phenomenon that you are authenticated as a different person, even though you are record yourself.



This is a phenomenon in which authentication is not possible even though the person is time-recording.



There is an inverse relationship between acceptance of others and rejection of others. 


For example, if you increase the matching accuracy (set it so that others will not be allowed), the probability that the person who should be authenticated will be rejected (person rejected) will increase.


On the other hand, if you make settings so that the person himself/herself will not be rejected, it will be easier for someone else's fingerprint to be collated.


In the unlikely event that certain people frequently allow others, please re-register with a different finger.


About two-factor authentication with Hybrid Reader

Only hybrid readers can avoid being accepted by others by authenticating "login ID (or employee code)" + "password" .


*To change settings, you need to switch at the support center. If you wish, please contact us from the inquiry form.


After the setting is switched by the support center, the login ID (employee code) input field will be displayed on the time recorder attendance screen .


If you hold your finger and the following error appears, 

1, enter the login ID (employee code)

2, hold your finger 

It is possible to time-record.

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