What is the difference between the "select every time function" and the "mode operation" in the time-record button setting?

When recording attendance with the time recorder, the authentication information is read after selecting the "Clock in" or "Clock out" button. The button operation at that time can be set on the following screen.



Settings " Organization」> Time recorder settings > [Edit]> View Settings “Time record button settings” in the basic time recorder settings or the time recorder settings for each department : [Edit]


The following movements are respectively displayed as "Select every time function " and "Mode operation" displayed as options.


Select every time function

After selecting the "Clock in" or "Clock out" button and time recording, it returns to the "standby mode". The next employee to use will have to re-select "Clock in" or "Clock out".


This setting is suitable when there are employees who record "Clock in" and employees who record "Clock out" in the same time frame.


Mode operation

Once you select the "Clock in" or "Clock out" button, the status of "Clock in" or "Clock out" will be maintained even after recording.


This setting is suitable when each employee is in the same working hours, such as when "clock in" is recorded continuously.


Follow basic time recorder settings

This option is displayed only when setting the time recorder by department. The operation is the same as the settings registered in the basic time clock recorder settings.

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