Is it possible to clock-in with a time recorder other than my own?

In the initial state, you cannot time record with a time recorder other than your own. Please perform "Help registration" to perform the time record. There are the following two methods for "Help registration".


Register help with the time recorder

  1. Click the [Help registration] (or part-time) button on the time recorder.

  2. Help Register an employee to go to work.


The settings will be canceled when the time recorder is restarted, so it is necessary to make the settings each time you time-record.


Register help on the management screen

  1. Home screen settings >Organization  >Time Recorder Settings > Click [Help Registration] from the [Others] button of the organization that performs the time recorder.

  2. Click [Additional Registration] on the next screen.

  3. Check the "Register" column of the employee who will register for help, and click the [Register] button. If you want to make the record division your own division, check "Treat as own division" and register.

  4. After making the above settings, update the time recorder screen.


Once you have made settings from the management screen, you can use the time clock of the registered division to perform time record every time.
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