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Can one time recorder be set so that employees from multiple departments can clock in?

By setting the "basic time recorder", employees belonging to multiple divisions can be stamped with one time recorder. In this article, I will explain the setting.

please note
-"Basic time recorder" can be set with the desktop version time recorder. For other time recorder, please register for help .
・ Internal settings at the support center are required for use. Please let us know that you would like to add a "basic time recorder" to the support center.


How to set the basic time recorder

1. Log in to the management screen and click Settings> Organization> Time Recorder Settings> Basic Time Recorder Settings>  Edit.


2. In the operation setting category> authentication device , select the desired authentication method and click [Register].


3. Click Basic Time Recorder Settings> [Others (≡)], and click "Send Time Recorder URL".


4. Check the time recorder manual before setting up. Once the setup is complete, all employees can be stamped. ( The company name is displayed in the upper left of the time clock screen.) 

* Click here for the desktop version of the time clock manual

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