How can I replace the authentication device? (Windows desktop version)

We will guide you through the procedure for changing the type of authentication reader such as fingerprint reader to finger vein reader or IC card reader to finger hybrid reader on the Windows desktop version time recorder.


※ If the type of time recorder available is unknown, please check here.


Device replacement procedure 

Operation on a PC with a time recorder installed

1. Open the control panel of the PC .


Delete the corresponding program from "Uninstall a program" or "Programs and Features" . After uninstalling, some may require a reboot.


Remove fingerprint driver

  • DigitalPersona Data Format Conversion RTE
  • DigitalPersona One Touch for WindowsRTE


Remove finger vein authentication driver

  • Hitachi finger vein authentication system


Remove hybrid authentication driver

  • HF-PID-BSP-Runtime
  • Windows driver package-NEC Corporation (HS1_drv) Biometric


Delete IC authentication driver

  • NFC Port Software


Operations on the master admin screen

2. Log in to the management screen with an all- rights administrator or a general administrator account that has “◯View/Edit” permission in “Division/Time Recorder Settings” .


3. Settings >Organization > Time recorder settings >

Select and register a new authentication reader in [Edit]> Operation settings " Authentication device " in the basic time recorder settings or the time recorder settings for each department .

*If you do not have an option, please contact the support center.


4. On the returned screen, click [Send Time Recorder URL] for the relevant organization.


Enter the e-mail address that can be received by the time clock PC in "Destination" and click [Send E-mail].


"Notice of time record URL" is sent to the address set as the destination.


Operation on a PC with a time recorder installed 

5. When you receive the "Notice of time clock URL" on the PC to be installed , access the URL of the listed manual.


6. Follow the instructions in the manual to install the authentication software .


The time clock application is common to all devices, so you can skip the time clock application installation this time.


7. After connecting the new reader and starting the time clock, select " Change connection " from the [Settings] menu in the upper right corner .


8. Copy and paste the "connection string" for the new authentication device, and click [Save] (the connection string differs depending on the authentication device/division).

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