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Fingerprint version time recorder settings when PC has a built-in fingerprint authentication program

When installing the fingerprint authentication driver on a Hewlett-Packard (HP) PC, it is necessary to uninstall this software beforehand because the pre-installed software will conflict and cause an error .


Setting up

1. From the control panel, you can make uninstall of HP Security Manager for HP Protect Tools.


If there is a related program, an error will occur, so delete the one displayed as an error when uninstalling.


Related programs vary depending on the usage situation, but the following are examples.


  • FaceRecognition for HP ProtectTools
  • File Sanitizer for HP ProtectTools
  • Privacy Manager for HP ProtectTools
  • Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools
  • Theft Recovery for HP ProtectTools
  • Vallidity Sensor


2. Manually delete the following two files.

The location depends on the type of PC system. 

  • C:\windows\syswow64\DPFPApi.dll
  • C:\windows\syswow64\DPFPApi.dll.hpsign


  • C:\windows\system32\DPFPApi.dll
  • C:\windows\system32\DPFPApi.dll.hpsign


The uninstaller of ProtectTools seems to leave the above 2 files, and since OTW runtime does not overwrite the above files, different versions of DLLs will remain in the system, so manual deletion is required.


3. Follow the usual procedure to set the time recorder.

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