Is there a way to cancel all leaves that I have accidentally granted?

Granted leave can be deleted all at once by CSV import.



Import "Number of vacation days" as 0 for the grant date to be deleted. The number of days off will be overwritten, so if you register 0, it will be cancelled.



We will show you the procedure for canceling the paid leave by import.


[1 Layout creation


First, create a layout.


1. All menus > Export/Import > Input Data (import)> Create input layout next to [Employee data [CSV]] > [+ New registration]


2. Layout name is arbitrary. Select "Update only" as the Applied type/category.


Input items: Select the following 3 items from the selectable items and click [Register].

  • Employee code
  • Grant vacation date (YYYY/MM/DD)
  • Annual leave grant (days) selection method


[2 Create import data

1. All menus > Export / Import > Data entry (import) > [Employee data [CSV]]


2. In the layout selection, select the created layout and click [Download template] right next to it.


3. The template (CSV format) will be downloaded, so save it on your desktop and open it in Excel or Notepad.


4. Enter the information in the file and save the file in CSV format. On this occasion,

  • Please set "0 days" for "Number of days to be granted leave".
  • For "Vacation Grant Date (YYYY/MM/DD)", enter the date on which the leave was accidentally granted.


[3 Data upload

1. Click [Select File] directly under "2. Select CSV file" on the employee data input screen to open the file created above.


2. Click the [Upload] button at the bottom of the screen. A confirmation screen will be displayed . Click [Register] . The upload will start.

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