What happens if I have a mix of half-day and hourly leave selection methods?

With this system, it is possible to take vacations on a half-day or hourly basis. When these application methods are mixed, the remaining number is managed by either of the following methods.


[1 Half day leave application and hourly leave are not combined

* Accounts issued after February 17, 2016 have this setting.


The remaining half-day resulting from the half-day leave application can only be acquired during the half-day leave application Similarly, the remaining time generated by taking hourly leave can also be applied only on hourly leave application.


Since it is not possible to get half leave for the remaining number of days and then convert the remaining 0.5 days into hours to obtain one hour at a time , there are cases where the display time series of the application date are displayed for all combinations.



[2 "Combining" half-day and hourly leave

You can apply for either 2x half day leaves or half day + hourly leave in 1 day.


For example, if an employee set at 8 hours daily contracted working hours per day has applied for half day leave, the remaining 0.5 day leave balance can also be applied as 4 hrs when applied using hourly leave


For example, if the "contracted working hours per day" is 7 hours, you can get up to 3 hours if you take a half- day leave (converted to 3.5 hours) and then take the rest one hour each , in this case you will not be able to get the remaining 0.5 hours. Therefore, please be careful if the contracted working hours per day is odd.


Setting change

The above settings can be switched in the Support Center.


Please contact the support center to indicate that you would like to change to "No" (or "Yes") for both half-day holidays and hourly holidays .

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