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Is it possible to disable half-day leave depending on the division and employee type?

Currently, it is not possible to make settings that allow full-day leave application but limit half-day leave application only for a specific division or employee type.



It is not possible to control only the application of half day leave. However, only the customers who use "Leave application method: Use pattern" can restrict the application of the target leave .

*Customers who are using "leave application method: leave type" is not available.


In this case, use the following procedure to control the use division/employee type of the schedule pattern.


1. Change the settings for the target vacation pattern. Please open the following screen.


Settings " Schedule "> Pattern settings > [Edit] of target vacation pattern>


2. Click the Details button to the right of the Basic Information category to display the additional settings menu. Click the Member Selection] or [employee category selection] in division or employee type to use division to use, please [registration] with a check only on the available division or employee type this holiday. 614552656f713852546451594f384e36555678697a4c5038507a4253644c4c6a736d584638736a2b6852534d73454974492b766452673d3d.png


3. Click Register on the returned screen to save your settings. After that, employees who fall under the unchecked division/employee type in 2 above cannot select the target leave.


  • Left: Schedule edit screen for regular employees
  • Right: Part-time job schedule edit screen


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