Why can't I choose half day leave?

Currently, there are two types of vacation acquisition methods: vacation pattern usage type and vacation division usage type. The settings differ depending on which method you are using, so please check the article below.

※ The default when issuing an account after June 16, 2020 is "Use leave type setting".


Reference article: How to apply leaves. How can you distinguish between "use pattern" and "use leave type"?


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When using vacation method "use pattern"


When using vacation method "use leave type"


When using vacation method "use pattern"

It is not set to enable half-day application

Settings > Schedule > Leave type settings > Open "Edit" for the leave type.

Please confirm that the "Half-day vacation" item is "Apply".


No full-day leave pattern created

If there is no full-day leave pattern created, you cannot apply that leave in half-day increments.


Settings > Schedule > Edit  the pattern settings and make sure that there is an all-day vacation pattern for that leave type. zenjitsukyuka.png


Limited use of all-day leave patterns

If the use division and use employee type of the all-day leave pattern is restricted, the application of half- day leave is also restricted.


In Settings > Schedule > Pattern settings , click "Edit" for the applicable all-day vacation pattern. Click the Details button in the Basic Info category. Please check if you are not restricted by the "Division that will be applied" or "Applied Employee type".

As described above, if you have set for example "Paid leave" to be used only by regular employees, employees in other employee types cannot select "AM Paid leave" or "PM Paid leave" in "Half day vacation category".


When using vacation method "use leave type"

It is not set to enable half-day application

Open Settings > Schedule > Vacation Category Settings > "Edit" for the vacation, and check that the "Half Holiday " item is "Use".



If you set the "Half-holiday" item to "Not use" , you can only select "Full-day vacation" on the schedule edit screen.


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