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What is "daily data"?

It is a screen that displays a list of daily work status.


◆ All menus  > Work data  > Daily data


Screen description



number Item name explanation
1 Specifying display conditions Specify the division, employee type, display date, etc. Click the [View] button to display the data.

The following can be selected in "Options".

Displayed by employee's place of employment
Check the data of employees who worked in the selected diviision.

Gather time-record

Display the stamped data in one cell.

Display location information

The position information acquired at the time of stamping is displayed. Location information can be obtained when using the smartphone app, My Recorder, or mobile browser stamping.
2 Daily data Check the time stamp data, schedule, and automatically calculated attendance total.


How to check daily data



Item name explanation
Closing Check mark (check mark) on the day when the closing of attendance is completedcheckmark.png) Is displayed.
Schedule The schedule of clock in and clock out or taking leave is displayed.

When a schedule pattern is registered, the pattern name is displayed, and when a scheduled time that is not registered as a pattern is registered, "Shift" is displayed.
Work day type  The work day type is displayed.

Clock in/

Clock out/

Start break/

End break


The stamping method, stamping time, and location information are displayed.

Stamping method

The means on which the stamp is recorded, such as "Position (mobile)", "P", and "Approved", are displayed. ( Click here for details).

Stamping time
It is displayed in the format mm / dd hh: mm.

location information
The location information acquired at the time of stamping is displayed.
Note You can enter remarks on the work data edit screen . You can also select whether to reflect the application message in the remarks when approving the application.


Click here for the definition of attendance items .


various operations

You can perform the following operations on the daily data screen.



number Item name explanation
1 Switching tab You can switch the display items by selecting the tab.

Shows the default attendance item.

Normal [Custom]
Displays the attendance items set in the custom data item settings .
2 Close attendance Close attendance is displayed
* Displayed only to administrators with closing authority.
3 Cancel closing attendance Cancel the closed attendance
* Displayed only to administrators with closing authority.
4 Daily schedule setting Check and edit the schedule for the relevant day by division.

Click here for the operation method. Please check "[3] Register daily schedule for each division".

* Displayed when only one division is selected and displayed.
* Displayed only to administrators who have administrative authority in the schedule.
5 Excel output Download the daily data screen in Excel format.
* Displayed only to administrators who have data output authority.
6 Time-card Open the time card screen.
7 Edit Open the work data edit screen. 


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