Why am I not receiving the application or approval emails?

The following causes are possible. We will inform you about the measures for each.


Not using the email notification function

Check the corresponding items in the following settings and register.


Settings " Others> > Option > Request approval setting “Request approval email notification function""


◆ Notify approver of requests and cancellations via emails

"Notify the approver by email of application/cancellation"


◆ Notify requester of approval and rejection via email

"Notify the applicant of approval/rejection by email"


Email address is not set

Follow the steps below to enter the email address for the target person.


◆ When registering the administrator's email address

Settings " Admin> > Administrator settings > [Edit] of the target administrator> Basic information " Email address"


◆ When registering employee email addresses

Employee> > Employee Settings > [Edit] of Target> Basic Information " Email Address"


Filtered by mailer reception settings

The mailer you are using may have the following settings.

  • Rejecting email with URL
  • Rejecting emails from other than registered address
  • Has been sorted into junk mail

Etc. Please check the mailer's reception settings

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