"Pit Touch Pro 2_Setting Sheet" import method

We will show you how to enter the "Pit Touch Pro 2_Setting Sheet".


Open the Excel file downloaded from here and enter the necessary parts in the setting sheet.

* After completing all the entries, save the Excel data on your desktop, etc., and send it to the support center using the inquiry form.

Pit Touch Pro 2



Open the Excel file and click Enable Content.


STEP1 / Enter company information



Company name/Company code

→Log in to the management screen> Check the upper right corner of the screen.


Authentication device

→ Settings > Organization > Time recorder settings > Please check the "Authentication device" of the relevant department.



Time recorder settings

Enter the "division code", "division name" and "time recorder ID" of the division you wish to set.

→ Settings> Organization> Time recorder settings


If employees belonging to one department belong to other departments as well , please click [Add] from Other> Help registration on the management screen . For details on registering help, see here .

* With Pittouch Pro 2, "Basic time clock setting" is not applicable.


STEP2 / Display settings

Set attendance/leaving mode

At the set time, the button will be automatically selected.

*Duplicate values cannot be entered.


In the above input example, the "go to work " button is automatically selected from 05:00 to 14:59, and the "leave" button is automatically selected from 15:00 to 23:59.


*Since no setting is made between 00:00 and 04:59, you must manually select "go to work" or "leave" each time before stamping.


If you do not need to set (manual selection each time), skip this item (the value in the input example will not be reflected).


Specify time notation

12 hour notation → 1:00 am "AM 01:00", 1 pm "PM 01:00"

24-hour notation → 1:00 am "11:00", 1:00 pm "13:00"


Break button

No → You cannot perform break time record.

*Even if you select “None”, you cannot hide the embossing button itself. It will not be possible to stamp.


Existence → You can mark the break by selecting the "Break" button.


STEP3 / Network settings

If you are not sure about the network settings, please check with the person in charge of your information system.


IP address acquisition method (cable only)

Please select whether your company's IP address acquisition method is automatic (DHCP) or manual. In case of wireless, please proceed to the next with auto (DHCP).


If you have assigned a fixed IP on the wired LAN, select "Manual". When "Manual" is selected, "IP address", "Subnet mask" and "Gateway address" are required items.

*Slash notation (CIDR) is not supported.


Presence or absence of proxy settings

If you go through your proxy server, select "Yes".

When "Yes" is selected, "Proxy server name" and "Proxy port number" are required items.


NTP server name

Please only enter if you have a designated NTP server.


Data registration

After entering all the data , click [Data Registration] . The message "Register the data for the 0th unit. Are you sure?" is displayed. If you click [OK], it will be "Registered".


[Clear input data]

→ Reset the input information other than the company name and company code.


Order 2 or more

If you have an order for more than two units, please enter the required items on the "Entry Form" sheet again.


Since the information entered for the first device remains on the "Entry Form" sheet, please overwrite it. (The input information for the first device is stored in the [Registered data] sheet.)


After entering the information, click [Data Registration] to register the second data.


Once you have registered the number of units you have purchased, you can check the information entered on the [Registered Data] sheet.

* You cannot directly enter from the "Registered data" sheet.


[Example] When ordering two units


[Delete all data]

→ All registered data will be deleted.


[Delete by specifying a stand]

→ When ordering multiple units, you can specify the units to delete.


* After completing all the entries, save the Excel data on your desktop, etc., and send it to the support center using the inquiry form.
*When you send it, please zip it as follows.
Right-click the icon > Send > "Compressed (zip format) folder"



About network settings

We will deliver with the settings specified in "Pit Touch Pro 2_Setting Sheet" (only for wired connection).


You can change the network settings by yourself from the menu screen of the LCD touch panel after delivery .


For details, refer to pages 8 to 15 of the manual .


In case of wireless connection, the wireless LAN access point will be detected and connected from the LCD touch panel after delivery. For details , please refer to p.10 onwards of the manual .

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