What is the cause when "Insufficient license" is displayed when the iPad version time recorder (face authentication, chameleon code authentication) is started?

To use the iPad version time recorder (face authentication, chameleon code authentication), you need licenses for the number of installed units.


If there are not enough licenses, purchase a new license or clear the license of the unused device and reuse it.


How to purchase a license

If you wish to purchase a license, please place an order from the cart.

*If you have a contract with an agent, please contact the person in charge of the agent.


License clear procedure

By clearing the license of the unused device, it can be reused on other devices.

  1. Make a note of the "unique code" displayed in [Preferences]> [Time Recorder Information] of the iPad version time recorder.

  2. Log in to the management screen and set > Organization > Time recorder settings > Basic time recorder settings [Edit]> License management " face authentication " or " chameleon code authentication "”: Click [License Management].

  3. Check the No check box that matches the displayed unique code, and click the [Clear information] button. The license information will be cleared.
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