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After updating iOS, I can no longer authenticate with the iPad version time recorder (face authentication, chameleon code authentication). What is the reason?

When you update iOS, be sure to reset the iPad version time recorder (face recognition, chameleon code authentication).


Reset procedure

1. Make a note of the "unique code" displayed in [Preferences]> [Time Recorder Information] of the iPad version time recorder .


2. Login to the management screen and set > Organization > Time recorder settings >[Edit] of basic time recorder settings> Open [License Management] for face authentication or chameleon code authentication .


3. Check the No. check box that matches the displayed unique code, and click the [Clear information] button. This will clear the existing license information.


4. When you start the iPad version of the time recorder, the "connection character string input form" will be displayed. From the time recorder settings> the connection character string displayed in [Time recorder URL transmission] of the target division, and the "certificate URL" Please re-enter the certificate you want to get and start the app.

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