How can I switch to the Windows desktop version? (Internet Explorer version time recorder)

On the management screen, switch the contents of "Send time recorder URL", and then set up the Windows desktop version time recorder.



You can switch the contents of "Send Time Recorder URL" under the following conditions.


1. "Internet Explorer version time recorder " is set in the internal settings.


2. The following authentication device is selected in the internal settings

  • 18: Finger vein recognition
  • 22: FeliCa certification
  • 27: IC certification
  • 65: Hybrid authentication
  • 100: Fingerprint authentication


If you would like to switch to the Windows desktop version time recorder other than the above authentication device , please contact the support center.


It is not possible to switch from the "Windows desktop version time recorder" to the "Internet Explorer version".


Transfer procedure

The procedure is as follows.

  1. Change the content of "Time recorder URL transmission" on the management screen
  2. Windows version time recorder setup


1. Change the contents of "Send time recorder URL" on the management screen

* For "division/time recorder settings" , operate with an administrator account that has more than △ view only privileges .


1. Click Admin screen> Settings> Organization> Send time recorder URL.


2. Click the time recorder setting of your organization or company> Other [3] to open "Send time recorder URL".


3. Select "New time recorder (desktop version)" on the " Send time recorder URL" screen> select time recorder .

* If you want to continue using the Internet Explorer version of the time recorder, you need to select "Old recorder (IE version)"


4. Enter your e-mail address as the destination and click [Send E-mail].


*If you are the administrator, you do not need to send an email.


2. Setting up the Windows version time recorder

1. Check the "Notice of time recorder URL" sent from the administrator. (If you are the administrator , please check from " Administration screen> Settings> [Organization]> [Time recorder settings] > "Send time recorder URL".


Please refer to the "Time Recorder Manual (Windows Desktop Version)" in the "Time Recorder URL Notice".


2. Install [Step 1 Authentication software and [Step 2 Time clock application. After installation, you can shortcut of "time recorder application" to the desktop of the PC.


3. [Step 3 Paste the connection string.


Copy the connection string.


Paste in Time Recorder screen> Change connection > Time recorder connection string setting .


4. [Step 4 Paste the certificate.


■ When pasting from the notification email

Click the URL described in [Step 4 "Certificate Display URL" in " Notice of Time Recorder URL" notified by the administrator .


Click [Copy Certificate] and paste it to the time recorder.


* The certificate display URL is valid for 48 hours after the administrator starts composing the "Send Time Recorder URL" email. After the expiration date, you will not be able to connect. Please have the administrator resend the "Time Recorder URL Notification" again.


■ When pasting from the management screen

Click [Display Certificate] at the top left of the "Send Time Recorder URL" screen.


Click [Copy Certificate] and paste it on the time recorder screen.


5. Time recorder screen> “Change connection” > Paste the copied information in the certificate frame and click [Save].


6. "Connection string registered " is displayed and the process is complete.

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