Is it possible to edit or change the number of leave days that have already been granted?

You can edit and change from the leave details screen.

*This operation requires "view/edit" permission for employee settings.


Method of operation

1. All Menu> Schedule> Leave Management> Click Details for the employee you want to edit.


2. On the leave details screen, open the leave details you want to edit.

If the "grant date" is "at the beginning of the XX year", please indicate the grant year of the vacation .
Ex) If it is displayed as [2017/06/01 (Thursday)] as of 2018, display “2017”




3. Click the leave you want to edit and the row will be highlighted in green. Once highlighted, you can edit the number of days you have been granted for your leave. You can also edit the expiration date.


4. After editing, click the [Save] button.



When editing or changing the grant date

If you change the grant date, it will be "new registration" and new grant will be made.


After registering the grant date you want to change, delete unnecessary vacations.

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